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Brand story

In 1859, a plant laboratory in the Provence French. Dr.Procn Manette collected kinds of natural plants, herbs , fruits, vegetables, flowers , grains and raw materials such as aromatic oils extracted by hand , creating nearly a hundred kinds of pure natural plant bath and body care Pierre. Including personal care , exfoliation, bath , essential oils, skin care, massage , aromatherapy body care products across the board . Adhering to the natural , handmade , three concepts of science , the continuation of the ancient tradition of art in Europe , creating a leisurely recipes elegant, beautifully unique and superior efficacy of natural plant bath and body care products. Here you can visually see the product of natural ingredients , is our greatest natural plant nutrient retention and efficacy ingredients to make simple products made from natural , their effectiveness .

Procn, in France,has a history of 150 years to product handmade soap. The company is headquartered in Paris . And the natural extracts factory is located in Provence, France. It has the  only full series of products  in the world which are  certified by the EU Ecocert and Cosmebio. Our enterprise has the EU GMPC / U.S. GMPC/ISO22716: 2007, ISO9001: 2008 international standard certification, the European EN71 and 76/768EEC safety testing , the U.S. FDA MSDS, Middle East SASO, China Quality / Centers for Disease Control and other tests .It is worthy of the trust of customers with quality assurance .In a word,we are the industry-recognized pioneer.

Procn insists on scientific and technological innovation and a road of industrialization development. Our motto is: Make the most natural handmade skin care product. The products are exported to Europe , America, China , Japan, Southeast Asia , Middle East, North Africa more than 80 countries and regions. From the product intrinsic product quality, packaging design, or marketing, to the service concept, Pross are walking in the forefront of the industry , leading the natural handmade skincare fashion.